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Tips and Additional Information

This page has tips, tricks, and other information you may find helpful when planning your wedding day, please let me know if you have a tip you would like me to share here.

Questions to Ask Your Venues

You may want to incorporate some of these questions into discussions with your venues. 

Church/Ceremony Space:

Is flash photography allowed?

Are there any special restrictions we should be aware of?

How long before and after the ceremony do we have access to the church and/or grounds?

Would you like our photographer to contact you before the wedding date? 

Are there areas we can take formal photos/where are they?

Reception Venue:

Are there areas we can take formal photos/where are they?

Are there restrictions to those areas?

Will there be another wedding party (or anyone else) using these areas on the wedding day?

Do you recommend any locations nearby for formal photos?

If sunset is important, what time is it in relation to the formal photo time? 

Rehearsal Time

If your ceremony is outside I recommend having your rehearsal at the same time as the ceremony, that way you can see where the sun is falling at the time of your ceremony. When I visit a venue or wedding site I like to visit at the time of the ceremony (if outside) and formal photo time slot within a week of the wedding so I can plan out the perfect spot for the photos. 

Pocket Squares

Here are a few websites that show various ways to wear a pocket square and how to fold them. It looks very sharp when all the men in the wedding party have uniform styles and brings out the special changes that you have planned, like the special accent color you may have chosen for the groom.

Grass and High Heels

A great way to stop your heels from sinking in the grass (remember to consider if there are grassy areas to walk over or stand on during your formals) is by getting high heel protectors. A quick web search will show they are sold online and in stores, and available in many styles and colors, often in bulk packs (to share with your bridesmaids). It is a good idea to try them out before the wedding day. 


Sunglasses are great for a prop in the group photos, if you would like to plan one of those make sure to tell everyone to bring theirs after the ceremony. Fun socks, suspenders, and other accessories can also become a fun subject for a photo, be sure to let me know if you are planning a fun accessory :)


Wether you are wearing your hair up or down for your wedding you should consider your spot at the altar when swooping your bangs to one side or the other. When you turn to face your man at the altar your right side will be facing your guests and the photographer, and we all want to see that gorgeous face of yours so make sure your bangs don't cover too much of it! 

Special Items for Your Day

Bringing your Save-the-Date, Invitation, Program, and any other special items for your photographer on your wedding day will be a great addition to items for your photos. I like to take photos of these items during the Getting Ready and/or Reception portions of the day. 


Knowing what time sunset is on the day of your wedding can be important for a few reasons:

~Making sure there is enough sunlight for the ceremony and formal photos

~Carving out a few minutes during the reception to step outside or on a balcony to get sunset and dusk photos 

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